Who is Sweet River Consulting?

Sweet River is a New York City based team of women of color, who collectively hold over twenty five years of experience in education, restorative justice, community organizing, youth development and program development.  Together, we work to partner with schools, community organizations, and justice spaces to collectively think through, support, provide trainings, program development and program implementation on restorative and transformative justice.  

Sweet River Consulting has worked with several community-based organizations and public high schools in New York City.  We have also held trainings for educators, students, and community organizers.  We have given presentations on restorative and transformative justice in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Atlanta.


We offer an array of partnership opportunities, both short and long term.  We work collaboratively in designing programs and strengthening capacity for internal leadership development in RJ/TJ practices and philosophy.


We provide trainings for organizational communities, educators, students, and youth.  We tackle a variety of RJ/TJ skills, while also diving deep into topics of power, identity, mass incarceration, and racial justice.  All of our trainings are tailored to site-specific needs and desired outcomes.


We answer questions.  Think through programmatic challenges.  We co-facilitate circles.  We speak on panels.  We hold space.  We understand that this work is deeply personal, lifelong, and requires building community at many levels and in many forms.

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